3 important things you need to know about forgiveness

There is something that is a silent assassin in marriage. It is a mistake that so many of us make in our marriage and we honesty don’t know that it … Continue Reading →

overcoming giants

7 steps to overcoming giants in our lives

Everybody faces different giants throughout their lives. Even though we all face giants they come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes these giants can be relationship issues. Sometimes they can … Continue Reading →

authentic relatonships

Authentic relationships require taking a risk

In order to experience life to its fullest we need to have authentic relationships in our lives. We need to have relationships that go beyond the surface. We need to … Continue Reading →

authentic relationships

2 benefits of authentic relationships

If we are going to have authentic relationships we must start by taking off our masks and reveal who we really are.  We must get beyond the surface to what is … Continue Reading →

authentic relationships

Barriers to authentic relationships

There are many barriers to authentic relationships and they are all related to fear. When we fear authentic relationships we say things like: “If you knew me – really knew … Continue Reading →

authentic relationships

What do authentic relationships look like?

For most of my life I lived without true authentic relationships.  I hid behind a mask because I didn’t want people to know that I was hurting. I mean, the pastor … Continue Reading →


5 ways people react to change

Do you ever wonder why there is such resistance to change? It comes down to two things: (1) how people are made and (2) how they are influenced by others … Continue Reading →