On August 8th, 2007 I entered this vast world called blogging. I had just come back from a 3 month forced sabbatical (i.e. medical leave) and I knew that I had a big journey ahead of me (and I still do!) I started this blog as an outlet to help me process everything that I was learning.

But all good things must come to an end.

I have decided to take an indefinite break from blogging.

This decision didn’t come easily but I recognize that I have lost some of my passion for blogging and it has become more of a chore than a joy. Also, I would like to invest my time in other things right now.  I haven’t been reading as much lately and I would like to invest more time into that.  Also, there is a lot of exciting things happening at the church that I am the pastor of and I want to be able to give my full attention there.

I also won’t be participating in some of my social networks regularly anymore (i.e. Twitter, StumbleUpon and Triberr).  I will be staying active on Facebook though.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  I have met some great people along the way and I am very appreciative of every one who has taken the time to read and comment.  Thank-you!

life courses

There are four basic courses by which we can live.  These may not be planned but they will be followed regardless.  Every life follows a set of rules, a default of ideals that may have been caught more than taught.  We have to look at each of these individually and intentionally choose our route.  This one choice will alter your future once and for all and opting out will default you to one of the first three.

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The Worf of Starfleet

Much to the joy of Trekkies, “The Worf of Starfleet,” is a parody trailer focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Klingon first officer Worf.

Worf is one of the most popular characters in the Star Trek world. And for good reason. He’s a powerful warrior but is also honorable and noble. Not to mention he’s hilarious in his own way.

The trailer’s editing and Kanye West music match the teaser for Martin Scorsese’s outrageous hit “The Wolf of Wall Street,” only it’s a montage of Worf’s surly lines and battle sequences.

Seriously, “The Worf Of Starfleet” would make for an awesome movie or TV series.  I would watch it. :)

The whole thing is pretty silly but it’s well done.

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ways to give of ourselves to our children

Many parents falsely believe that as long as they give their kids everything they need and want materially that their children will be satisfied.  This may work temporarily but it will not work for the long haul. First and foremost, our children want us.  They want our attention.  They want our time.  The greatest gift we can give our children is ourselves.

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ways to wreck relationships with the people you work with

Healthy workplace relationships are essential to a productive and successful team.  Unfortunately there are many ways to wreck relationships with the people you work with.  When this happens the team suffers.

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Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing

Jimmy Fallon kicked off his first-ever time hosting “The Tonight Show” by paying homage to the 90’s. Dressed in overalls and printed tees, Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith took on the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing,” showing off moves ranging from the “Cabbage Patch” and the “Running Man” to the “Robot” and the “Pop and Lock.” Other signature moves included “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” “Kid ‘N Play,” “MC Hammer” and my all-time favourite “The Carlton.” :)

Check out the hilarious video below!

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misconceptions about attending church

Recently there has been a buzz around the interwebs (among Christians anyway) because of a post by author Donald Miller where he stated that he didn’t attend church often.  After reading this post and many responses to it I wanted to clarify some misconceptions about attending church and throw in my 2 cents about what I believe the church is.

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