On again, off again

After spending a year off from blogging I started writing again in March of this year.  I have enjoyed this immensely.  Unfortunately I will be taking a break again. 🙁  I have … Continue Reading →


How can we make God’s goodness real in our life?

  • By Kevin Martineau
  • July 30, 2015
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It’s one thing to talk about God’s goodness but how can we make God’s goodness real in our life? Simply, by showing His goodness to others. God shows His goodness … Continue Reading →


God can turn badness into goodness

Somebody might say: “How can God be good when thousands were killed in 9-11 or when millions died in the Holocaust. I can’t believe in a God who would allow … Continue Reading →


God sets the standard for goodness

How do we determine what is “good” and what isn’t “good”? What is the standard for “goodness”?  In Matthew 19:16-17 we read of the story of the Rich Young Ruler. … Continue Reading →

God is good

God is good

I believe very strongly that our perception of God will radically affect the way we think and act! If we have a poor and distorted view of God – it will … Continue Reading →

killers of good leadership

12 killers of good leadership

I know numerous leaders with great potential. They have all the appearance of being a good leader. But they lack one thing — or two. In my experience, some of … Continue Reading →


The solution to overload

We live in an overloaded world and we are suffering for it.  We are overloaded with activity. We are overloaded with choices. We are overloaded with commitments. We are overloaded with debts. We are … Continue Reading →