Favourite Links Friday: 10 awesome posts to check out!

Welcome to Favourite Links Friday!

This is my way of saying “Thank-you” to all my fellow bloggers by sharing some of their wonderful posts that I have read during the week.

Here are 10 of my favourite posts from the past week:

1. Train or Plane Vision by Shannon O’Dell
2. Correcting Our Focus in ‘Enemy Relations’ by Dusty Rayburn
3. You’re Not Doing Enough by Scott
4. Seven questions for leaders by Seth Godin
6. Bigger and Better by Pete Wilson
7. Steve Jobs Hates Me by jason
8. Leftovers by MAD21
9. The Perfect Storm Can Bring Perfect Rest by Bonnie Gray
10. Don’t Be Afraid by Michael

Go and check out these great posts!

Now it’s your turn to share some love! Do a fellow blogger a favour and share one of their posts!

Here are two ways that you can participate:

#1 Write your own Favourite Links Friday post (call it whatever you want) and insert the link in the Simply Linked widget below. There is no specific theme. Feel free to include whatever you want. Please include a link back to this post so that your readers can also enjoy everyone else’s favourite links.

#2 Insert the link of a post that you really enjoyed this past week in the widget below. Please leave a comment telling us why you chose that particular post. Please only share other people’s posts! Thanks!


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