Favourite Links Friday: 10 awesome posts to check out!

Welcome to Favourite Links Friday!

This is my way of saying “Thank-you” to all my fellow bloggers by sharing some of their wonderful posts that I have read during the week.

10 of my favourite posts from the past week:

1. Remodeling In Progress. Please Excuse the Mess. by Dusty Rayburn
3. Showing Up by Michael J. Ellis
4. Leader, Remake Thyself by Scott
5. Reserving Judgment and Barry Bonds by Matt
6. The Top 5 Lies of Perfectionism (Starting New Principle #3) by Bonnie Gray
7. What Are You Doing to Protect Your Marriage? by Michael Hyatt
8. Here I Go Again on My Own (Not) by jason
9. Why You Can’t Hope in Possibilities by revtrev

Go and check out these great posts!

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Here are two ways that you can participate:

#1 Write your own Favourite Links Friday post (call it whatever you want) and insert the link in the Simply Linked widget below. There is no specific theme. Feel free to include whatever you want. Please include a link back to this post so that your readers can also enjoy everyone else’s favourite links.

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  • jasonS says:

    We were on a similar wavelength this week, Kevin! I loved Matthew’s advice on Google analytics too. Thank you so much for including my brother’s post from this week too. Blessings on your weekend!

  • Terrific Tonya Heathco says:

    Great idea. Quality post. Very informative. Gave me another great idea. Will pass this one on to my webmaster to brainstorm if it’s a good fit for National Seizure Disorders Foundation. Eager to read more from you.


    Terrific Tonya
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

  • I was online checking out different blogs and came across yours, I felt compelled to comment and tell you how informative and very well written it is !! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more soon !!

  • CJ Priestley says:

    That post on The Top 5 Lies of Perfectionism was very interesting. Its very strange and sad how we most people want perfection either in themselves or others for who knows what the reasons.

    But it is of course a fact no one is perfect it is how we all were created which is equally with our own faults quirks and etc that makes us who we are.

    Where do you find your links Kevin? do you have a system for finding them or is it just your daily and weekly reading of blogs you come across? I am curious if you have this automated or not.

    • Hi CJ:

      I am glad that you enjoyed the post!

      I come up with my list through my reading of blogs. If a blog resonates with me or I find it useful or informative, I star it in my google reader and then on Friday mornings I sift through them to pick out the ones that resonated the most with me.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Great list Kevin – I especially liked “Top 5 Lies of Perfectionism” because that’s a little problem I battle against constantly!

  • Felicia says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing with us these great articles. I was intrigued by the last post “GOOGLE ANALYTICS AND HIGH BOUNCE RATES” so that was the first one I read. Going to read the others tonight! Thanks again!

  • Hey Kevin,
    This is my first time on your site, I believe. The post “The Top 5 Lies of Perfectionism (Starting New Principle #3)” made me curious. Thanks for the share!

  • Frances Eckenrode says:

    My attention was caught by the 7th because as a married one. its in my interest to read topics like this. Hey you’re using that wicked apple huh? nice one!

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