2 blessings of partnering

Partnering is God's idea

God created us to be in relationship and in community with others.  He never intended that we do life alone.  He created us to be interdependent with one another.

Partnering is God’s idea!

I have experienced the blessing of partnering many many times in my life.

Right now, the church that I get the privilege of being the pastor of is experiencing the incredible blessing of partnering as we  build a new facility for us to use to fulfill our mission and vision for our community.

It has been awesome so far and I have learned so much about the blessing of partnering!

2 blessings of partnering

1. Partnering provides support and encouragement.

Eclessiastes chapter 4 verses 9 and 10

We are building our new facility completely with volunteer labour.  As a small church we could never do this building project on our own.  It would be impossible!  We need the help and support of others.

We have been richly blessed with some many volunteers from our community, our church and from outside of our community.

2. Partnering allows for the pooling of our resources.

Ephesians chapter 4 verse 16

Not only have people been donating their time to help with our building project they have also been giving of their resources as well.

We have had equipment and supplies donated.  Also, we have been incredibly blessed by many generous donations from other churches and individuals.

A lot of work still to be done

We still have a lot of work to do in order to complete our building project but we have been incredibly blessed so far.

I am sure that I am going to learn a lot more about the blessings of partnering as we continue on in this project!

How have you experienced the blessings of partnering?

**** If you would like to partner with us on our building project please send me an e-mail and I would love to chat with you!

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  • It’s a beautiful thing to be partnered up for His purposes in His community. The joys outweigh the hardships for sure! I’m sad that not everyone can see this and think that they are strong enough to make it on their own, but we keep praying and I know God will draw them in and give them ample opportunity. He is so gracious! Thanks Kevin.

    • I am deeply saddened too when people tell me that they don’t need community. I had one person tell me recently that community is a crutch and thus we need to be doing life on our own. Sad. Very sad.

      Thanks for sharing Jason!

  • Felicia says:

    Hi Kevin,
    There are many people who think that they do not need to be part of a community, and maybe because they have their own specific personal reasons. One reason maybe is that they have once relied on other people, but those people they’ve trusted have failed them.

  • Steve Vernon says:

    Some truly thought provoking words here, Kevin. However, let’s not confuse partnering with community, which are not necessarily synonymous. One can partner with others on an individual basis without being part of community, and it is also possible to be superficially part of a community without ever taking advantage of the possibilities for ture partnership that may present themselves on many different levels.

    Indeed, you are certainly correct in the advantages that come from partnering with others, whether it be on a purely personal level, for business purposes, for achieving goals, or whatever. There are times, too, when achieving things totally on our own has much value, looking to our own inner strength, knowledge and wisdom. Personal growth, I believe, comes from knowing when each is appropriate and of greater value.

  • Great post Kevin. Never a truer word said than there is strength in numbers. Especially if all those concerned are working together committed and in unity for a common cause.
    A very powerful position to be in.

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