3 faces of courage


Courage is the mental or moral strength to persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty. People full of courage are willing to step up in difficult situations.  When I think of people full of courage I think of people like:

We don’t have a hard time accepting these individuals as being courageous because we view their situations as being big and dramatic.

The problem is, we think our lives are not so big and dramatic. We think we could never show this kind of courage. We think we will never face a situation where this type of courage is required.

This is only partly true though. The opportunities are going to come in many different ways (big and small). We don’t know when these opportunities will come but we do know that they will.

3 faces of courage

1. Courage to stay when it would be easier to go.

Sometimes it would be easier to go than to stay in our current situation.  Whenever everything around us says, “go” but we know in our hearts that God wants us to stay, our decision to stay may be the single act of courage that is the tipping point for something extraordinary in our lives. You will never know unless you stay.

2. Courage to leave when it would be easier to stay.

Sometimes we have to walk away from something. Sometimes we have to walk way, not to something, but we just have to walk away. To walk away can oftentimes feel irresponsible.   That single decision though could be the tipping point for something extraordinary in our lives.

3. Courage to ask for help when it would be easier to pretend that everything is okay.

This one is the most difficult one for me and for many people.  People won’t ask for help because they are afraid.  One of the most courageous steps we could take is the step to get help.  If someone you love and trust says, “Maybe you should get some help with that…” you should!


When faced with these opportunities we need to ask ourselves this question: “When this is all over, what story do I want to tell?”

I want to be able to tell the story of courage or I hope you do too!

Have you ever experienced these 3 faces of courage? When it is all over what story do you want to tell?

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  • jasonS says:

    I have definitely experienced these 3 faces. Most of them in the last couple months! Thanks Kevin. It’s great to remember that courage is about having it all figured out, but standing up and being counted. Great post.

  • Kevin DeRoo says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Courage has many enemies. Complacency, Fear, and Pride hold so many people back every day from having the courage to reach their true potential.

    “We all have the Courage within us to face obstacles as they cross our path. But take heed, for our greatest Courage must be saved to fight the obstacles that stem from within ourselves.” – Kevin DeRoo

    Thanks for sharing this Kevin

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