A little becomes a lot when we all do our part!

Can ONE person actually make a difference? This is a question that I have been asking myself this week as I have been thinking about Haiti. It is hard to imagine that ONE person can actually make a difference in the midst of so much devastation and suffering. My first inclination is to just throw my arms up in the air and say, “My donation means nothing when they need billions!” or “I can’t get there to help so what’s the point of doing anything!” Maybe you have had similar thoughts.

When the need is SO big it is hard to see how what little we have to give can actually make a difference. In some ways this thinking is right. In the grand scheme of things my little donation is nothing compared to the billions that is needed BUT that is not the point! The billions that need to be donated are going to come as one person gives a little and another person gives a little and so on. Some may only be able to give $10 or $20. Some may be able to give $50 or $100 or more!

On twitter yesterday someone made this tweet: “They’re 20 million users in twitter. My challenge is that each of you will donate 1$, 1euro or 1pound to #helpforhaiti. Would you?” That puts things into perspective doesn’t it? If everyone gives something it will add up to a LOT. Each of us CAN make a difference as we ALL do our part! A little becomes a lot when we all do our part!

I know that there are many good organizations out there that are helping. Organizations like World Vision, Compassion, Samaritans Purse and many others. We need to choose one that we feel comfortable giving to. The organization that I have chosen to support and promote is FAIR (Fellowship Agency for International Relief). This is the relief agency that my denomination runs. They have a great track record of providing relief when it is needed.

Here is a short video describing who they are and what they are doing in Haiti:

To “inspire” you to give I am willing to give $1 (up to $500) for every $10 that is donated to FAIR. Another cool thing is that the Canadian Government will match your donation! This means that for every $10 that is donated through this challenge, $21 will go to FAIR!! I know that most of us are broke from Christmas but I believe that ALL of us can afford to give something. In order to give it might mean giving up your daily coffee for a week or a month. It might mean not eating out this month. It might mean giving up drinking pop for a while. The point is that we CAN afford to GIVE SOMETHING!

So here’s my challenge: GIVE AT LEAST $10!! If you can give more, ALL the better but I am challenging you to give at least $10!

Remember, a LITTLE becomes a LOT when we ALL do our part!

*** Please go here to read all the details of the challenge!

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  • Hi Pastor Kevin,

    So interesting, I was just looking for a link to your blog and noticed Bridget's tweet with your RT. Great timing! Sometimes all the posts on the Blog Carnival can seem a little overwhelming. They are all such great personal reflections to read. But I want to make sure I stop by a leave a comment for everyone that is a part of the Haiti challenge. Great observations about every little bit helps my giving friend. Nice meeting you :)!

  • Ralph says:

    Hi Kevin! Thanks for this. I am touched that so many people are willing to help the country where I was born. I appreciate you taking the time to encourage others to help.
    My recent post How to Help Haiti

  • Thanks for stopping by and commenting tenderheartjb!

    Nice to meet you as well! 🙂

  • Thanks Ralph! I am glad that I am help in a small way! 🙂

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