Do you appreciate your spouse?


My beautiful and wonderful wife Lauren has been away the past two days.  As a result, I have been home alone with our three daughter’s playing Mr. Mom.

These past few days have reminded me of  all that Lauren does for our family.  I appreciate her so much!  I need these reminders from time to time. 🙂

The thing is, I need to be telling Lauren I appreciate her more often. So here I go, here are a ten things I appreciate about Lauren right now.

Ten things I appreciate about my wife

1. Her friendship.

Lauren is truly my best friend and I can’t even imagine having to do life without her.

2. Her kindness.

Lauren is so kind to me. She puts up with a lot and I love her for it!

3. Her smile.

I love seeing Lauren smile. It gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

4. Her willingness to stretch herself. 

This past year she started a new job after being out of the work force for 12 years and she has been active in starting a ministry for pastors wives in our region of churches.

5. Her constant encouragement.

Lauren is always there to encourage me when I need it most.

6. All that she does for our family.

The cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, making kids lunches, washing the dishes, shuttling kids around, making beds, folding clothes and much much more!

7. Her love for God.

I know that Lauren loves God very much.

8. Her servant’s heart.

Lauren is always looking for ways to serve and help people.

9. Her love for our girls.

I love watching Lauren interact and play with our girls.

10. Her sense of humour.

I love being able to make Lauren laugh and to laugh along with her.

Your turn now, what do you appreciate about your spouse/significant other?

Now go tell them because they need to hear it!

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