Do you live your life with intentionality?

When we were young, life happened as a matter of course.

When we were hungry, food appeared by a parent or sibling.

School was just out there – ready for us to plug-in and participate.

Making friends was basically a slam dunk; all we needed was another recess and we returned with an arm load of new buds.

And for the most part, our weight remained stable. We could eat whatever we wanted and yet stay fit and slim. Boy, I miss those days! 😉

Life is not like that anymore!

Somewhere along the line, things moved from automatic to manual, from natural to deliberate and from involuntary to intentional.

We are not told when the switch takes place but if we don’t make the transition, we will always be behind the eight ball.

It happens at different times for different people but it does take place!

The change comes without warning and it happens without our permission.

An example

For example, our marriage, which early on seems to maintain itself, will no longer survive the way it used to be.

I remember when this reality hit me. It was after 13 years of marriage that I realized that I had gone on autopilot and I needed to change that!

I don’t know exactly when the switch took place but it happened. I am learning that a healthy marriage requires intentionality and planned investment.

Other things in life that require intentionality are our relationship with God, our family, our physical health, our ministry, our community and our emotional health.

A “Rule of Life”

This is why we need a plan or a “Rule of Life.” Here is my “rule of life.” I have broken it down into different categories.




  • Blog 4 times a week.
  • Refine and teach spiritual formation practices: belonging, believing, becoming and being.
  • Intentional connections with people in and outside the church.
  • Delegate and empower ministry leaders.
  • Finish unfinished projects around the house.
  • Practice financial stewardship.


Do you have a plan to live your life with intentionality?

Remember, if you aim for nothing, you get nothing!

Live your life with intentionality!


  • Hans Schoff says:

    Hey Kevin, this just hit me the other day actually. Looking back and thinking how easy and seemingly automatic everything seemed where it seems to require so much more work today to accomplish or achieve similar results. Intentionality is definitely required along with a discipline to enforce it and do it consistently. That I believe is the recipe for success!

  • Ah, one of my favorite topics Kevin! You’ve really done an excellent job of laying out your guidelines to live intentionally. Whatever that means may be different for each of us, but the bottom line is we’re committing to make the choices each day to create the life we really want and deserve for ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Mika Castro says:

    Everyone have choices the way they live. We can live life on purpose or not.

  • Kamilla Lecher says:

    It is us who makes the decision for our lives. Whether we take the good side or the evil, we need to be responsible for our actions.

  • Anne says:

    I admit it, after a while things won’t function on their own, some intervention is often needed. I experienced that on my marriage, too. But it is with the most scenes of the human and social life the same like this. Without any intention and willpower, there won’t be any success.

  • Grete says:

    Without intention and our intervention things won’t work well, we all are responsible for our own life. Another thing is luck. Or accident. Life happens.

  • Felicia says:

    Many of us can’t help being on autopilot when it comes to daily routine because it keeps us organized and “in control”. However, I agree with your tips, especially on the “rest” part – “Schedule life around breaks instead of breaks around life”. It really makes sense! Thanks for this thought-provoking post!

  • Happiness, joy and the state of BLISS are all a choice. the power of intention is abou tknowing what we want, reproducing this state of JOY and just repeat the process no matter the external circumstances… iNtentionality is the seed to create more of all this, just … do it and we create it in the NOW!

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