Faith should change our attitude!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Grace Hill Media and they asked me if I would be willing to interview author Mitch Albom about his book “Have a Little Faith” and the upcoming TV movie based on the book that will be on ABC Sunday, November 27th.

I was honoured to be asked and I agreed.

I conducted my interview yesterday and I wish I could have spent a lot more time digging deeper into the issues that surfaced through the interview.   Since time did not allow me to do this yesterday with Mitch I am going to use the next three posts to do this.

Three thoughts came out of my interview with Mitch:

  1. Faith should change our attitude.
  2. Responding to a crisis of faith.
  3. Questioning God.

Over the next three posts I want to share Mitch’s response to three of the questions I asked him and I want to share the resulting thoughts that surfaced for me .

Also, thanks to Hallmark Moving Pictures, I am going to be giving away two copies of  “Have a Little Faith” this week.

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Now onto the interview!

ME: You say “Have a Little Faith” took you on a journey back to faith.  It has been 2 years since you wrote the book.  Where are you in your faith journey now?

MITCH ALBOM: Much deeper.  Much more daily and even hourly than I was even before the book came out.  I think what happens as a result of a book, at least if it is embraced in any kind wide scale, you start to be dipped in the water of the reach of the book.

So all of a sudden I am at a lot more churches.  I am a lot more synagogues. I am doing a lot more religious things in the time since the book came out.

Just sort of coincidentally I ended up taking over a mission orphanage in Haiti … It ended up sort of falling into my operation or else it was going to close up.  So I end up operating now, and I go down every month, a Christian mission in Haiti and I see the joy and the comfort that faith gives these kids who have nothing and it is inspiring.

It is just beyond words that I can give you in terms of how magical faith can be for people who have so little and yet are so joyous.

So between stuff like that and the visits to the churches and the conversations and the visits to the synagogues and even in conversations like this with you I think faith has grown exponentially in terms how I spend the hours of my day.

Faith should change our attitude!


What resonated with me here is Mitch’s description of how he has seen how faith changes people’s lives.  He has seen faith bringing joy to people’s lives that we would least expect it from.

I remember when I went to Mexico during my first year of Bible school and how overwhelmed I was with the people’s joy.  These people had nothing in comparison to me.  They were living from meal to meal not knowing when the next one was coming.

And yet they were joyful (I will never forget their smiles).

They were grateful for what they had (even though they had so little).

They were generous with what they had (It was hard to accept their generous gifts).

Faith should change our attitude!

It should change our complaining into joy!

It should change our sense of entitlement into gratefulness!

It should change stinginess into generosity!

How else should faith change our attitude?


  • Rick Morgan says:

    The lifestyle that God has called us to is one of thanksgiving, everyday should be thanksgiving for God’s kids.

  • Faith is something that has enabled me to do more than I ever thought possible.

    Years ago my husband and I were on a scuba diving trip to Honduras that changed our lives. There we too found many many people who were happy and grateful for the little that they had.

    What changed our lives was seeing all the children that had been abandon to the streets. It was horrible to see kids, as young as 3-4 living on the streets. Since we came home from that trip we have been sponsoring children around the world with Plan Canada, and of course the 1st child is from Honduras! We are blessed to be able to sponsor.

    • That is awesome Carla!

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Steve-Personal Success Factors says:

      Wow, Carla, that’s such a beautiful story, and to see how God orchestrated the smallest detail: your first child ended up being from Honduras! I have a doctor friend who recently adopted a Chinese girl with special needs. He tells of the great need there is in so many orphanages across the world. It’s great when you and I can have a part in meeting that need.

  • anna says:

    Faith should change our attitude but faith in what? to my opinion the only thing that could really help is to think about unite. this is what I believe in.

  • Fatima Hipolito says:

    That’s right Anna, if your change your faith that is automatic your attitude will change to because their are some of attitude that really hard to change..

  • RachelAng34 says:

    When your life is filled with the desire to see the holiness in everyday life, something magical happens: ordinary life becomes extraordinary, and the very process of life begins to nourish your soul!

  • Ravit says:

    I realy loved the feeling reading this post. I read also the comments and I liked what Anna said, I think she ment that we must have faith that God will unite all humanity back together so we will find peace again… Thank you Kevin for this post!

  • Yorinda says:

    Hi Kevin,

    great article about faith and attitude.

    When we adjust our attitude/thinking we can be more productive and when we are more productive our faith grows and our attitude will improve more.

    Instead of complaining we could look at what we could learn about ourselves and be more accepting.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Jewel says:

    If we had strength and faith enough to trust ourselves entirely to God; and follow Him simply wherever He should lead us, we should have no need of any great effort of mind to reach perfection.

  • Pearl Jewelry says:

    What a wonderful message. I should be sorry for being late for the giveaway, but I’m not because I believe material things come and go, but faith and love are the things that give us true happiness. I also believe everything that happens to us is meant to be that way, there is a higher purpose of our experiences, therefore I would just like to congratulate those who won the DVDs. Your story about the people of Mexico reminded me of something I, too, experienced there: when you know there is no chance for you to have certain material tings, you realize you don’t really need them. Thank you for your inspiring words!
    Lots of hugs, Flora

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