A family that plays together stays together

I believe that it is very important for families to have fun together because a family that plays together stays together.

Having fun together helps build a healthy family.

Having fun together helps develop a healthy family image – a family that the kids and parents are excited to be a part of.

4 fun things we do together as a family:

1. Family game nights.

Once a week (usually Friday nights) we play games as a family. Some of the games we play are Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, 10 Days In Europe and Wii (our favourite games are Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves).

Everyone in our family can play these games and have the potential to win.  I believe it is important for kids to have a healthy sense of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Playing games has also helped our daughter’s with their math and problem solving skills.

2. Going to the beach for BBQ’s.

This is by far our most favourite thing to do as a family. We have an awesome beach near by and whenever it is not raining (we live in a rain forest) we pack up and head to the beach for a BBQ.

At the beach the kids will collect shells and rocks, play in the water and help me build the fire (I admit it … I am a pyromaniac).

3. Family movie nights.

On these nights we make popcorn, squeeze onto our couch and enjoy watching a movie together. Even though these nights are not very interactive they are still a fun way to enjoy spending time together. We do movie nights more in the winter when it is cold and wet outside.

4. Walks and bike Rides.

After supper, (when it is not dark or wet out) we will pack up the kid’s bike and head down to our local High School and let the kid’s ride their bikes on the track or we will go for a walk around town.

This has been a great way for my wife and I to stay active and healthy while spending time with our girls.  It also helps promote an active and healthy lifestyle for our girls.

What does your family do for fun?

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  • Johanna says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I agree with you that a family that spends time by playing builds a very strong bond between its members. For me, children are the most fun to be with during activities such as family outings and holidays. No matter how simple a game is (and how simple the prize is), they treat it very seriously – and winning (fair and square) means a lot to them. 🙂

  • Sounds like a wonderful route of things you do with your family Kevin … in fact, sounds like you live in a beautiful location! One other thing we love to do is concerts on the stars. My home is up the hill from the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, an absolutely amazing facility and it’s close enough we can even walk.

  • Mark says:

    My dad used to be a very busy person but he always find time to play monopoly or scrabble with me. It helped me a lot because I was practiced in playing scrabble and was able to compete in school as well. On the other hand, my mom, she used to go out with me. Even until now that I’m grown up! Simple ways to keep the bonding much strong.

  • Greetings Kevin,

    I know I am a little late to the party… 😉

    I want to say thank you for reminding me to take some time and spend it with the best gift God ever gave me; my family.

    I have been busy redesigning my site and have bocome a little obsessed if you will. I needed the reminder to get offline little and connect with the real world 😮

    Keep Blogging Brother!

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