Favourite Links Friday: 14 great posts to check out!

Welcome to Favourite Links Friday!

This is my way of saying “Thank-you” to all my fellow bloggers by sharing some of their wonderful posts that I have read during the week.

Here are 14 of my favourite posts from the past week:

1. Growing Generosity in Your Kids at Christmas by Michael Hyatt
2. You Need Other People – and Here’s Why by PeterP
3. It’s Not Easy To Step Into Their World by Michael J. Ellis
5. Seeing the Price Tag by JasonS
6. Time travel by bradhuebert
7. Abandoning Church by Ryan Tate
8. Growing Patience by Pete Wilson
9. stack.of.stuff by Herb Halstead
10. Desert Rhythms: Learning to “Do” Out of Your “Being” by Pete Scazzero
11. The Christmas Blessing by Dusty Rayburn
12. I Can’t Get That Time Back by Justin and Trisha
13. Top 8 Do’s & Don’ts: Gift Giving Drama At Christmas by Bonnie Gray
14. Is Your But Big Enough? by revtrev

Go and check out these great posts!

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