Favourite Links Friday: 15 fantastic posts to check out!

Welcome to Favourite Links Friday!

This is my way of saying “Thank-you” to all my fellow bloggers by sharing some of their wonderful posts that I have read during the week.

Here are 15 of my favourite posts from the past week:

1. Beyond the Status Quo by Carey Nieuwhof
2. Laying It Down by Pete Wilson
3. Knowing Vs. Doing by Justin and Trisha
4. 8 Keys to Ministry Success by Scott
5. The pleasant reassurance of new words by Seth Godin
6. Picking a Fight by JC Dude
7. 7 Ways to Lose 10 Blog Readers a Day by Jami De La Cruz
8. Let Us Live In Your Hands by Michael
9. peace i leave you by Duane Scott
10. context.is.everything by herbhalstead
11. 5 Ways I Know if I Am Trusting God by revtrev
12. Finishing what we didn’t start by jon
13. The gift of trust by bradhuebert
14. Social Media … or Social Blogmarking? by Devesh
15. The Faith Triangle: Live Boldy And Stop Beating Yourself Up by Bonnie Gray

Go and check out these great posts!

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