3 ways to overcome the fear of failure

fear of failure

The fear of failure can be very powerful in our lives if we let it.  It can cause us to not do things that we should and could be doing.  It can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

The fear of failure can lead to the path of perfection to avoid failure. We end up working hard, killing ourselves because we are so consumed in the details to try to avoid failure.  We end up trying to control everything.  We get critical of others.  This is all in an attempt to avoid failure.

The fear of failure can also lead to the path of pointlessness to avoid failure.  We give up before even trying.  We think things like: Why attempt it if we’re just going to fail again?  We tell our self it’s stupid to think we could do it so we give up before trying to avoid another failure.

3 ways to overcome the fear of failure

1. Admit failure is a reality.

We will fail in life.  Unless we are Jesus Christ or never try anything in life you and I will fail!

Overcoming the fear of failure involves redefining failure.  We need a new definition.  How about this for a definition of failure: “Failure is the price I pay on the road to success.”

Failure is a not only a reality but a necessary part of life.

Every year at the beginning of class a professor did the same thing.  He divided his pottery class into two groups and asked them to make the best vase they could. One group was told to focus on just one vase – the other to make 100.

Who do you think ended up with the best vase? The group who made a 100!

Why? Because the truth is, we learn more from our failures than from our successes.

2. Allow yourself to feel the disappointment but not disapproval.

In other words, don’t beat your self up!

The fact that we will fail never discourages God. He knows.  He still loves us.  He actually uses our failure to grow us. Think about this: When a baby fails at stacking blocks the parents don’t say, “he’s going to be a failure in life.” That would be stupid!

We need to learn to look at our failures as experiments!

fear of failure

3. Remember failure is an event never a person.

Just because we fail doesn’t mean we’re a failure. A failed business, a failed project or a failed relationship doesn’t mean we’re a failure.

God allows us to fail to grow us to do something in our life.  He uses our failures to change our character or life direction.

We need to understand that success in life is built on the failures of the past!

Just because we fail doesn’t mean we’re a failure – it’s a part of growing towards success.

fear of failure

Where is the fear of failure paralyzing you?

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