There is no reason for us to feel worthless or insignificant

feeling worthless

Over the course of  my life I have had seasons of feeling worthless or insignificant. I remember as a child feeling worthless and insignificant when I wasn’t picked for a sports team.

I remember as a teenager feeling worthless and insignificant when my church friends wouldn’t spend time with me because of the bad choices I was making.

I remember feeling worthless and insignificant as a young adult when I left my fist pastoral position after only being there 18 months.

I have felt insignificant and worthless when I have made big and little mistakes in life. I have felt insignificant and worthless when I have not been able to do something that I think I should be able to do.

These feelings about myself had a huge influence on my behaviour.  It was a vicious cycle.

Maybe you’ve had similar feelings about yourself.

There is no reason for us to feel worthless or insignificant!

Here’s a wonderful truth that we need to know and remember: There is no reason for me or you to feel worthless and insignificant!

Why? Because no matter how worthless you or I might feel, God tells us otherwise. He says, “CHILD OF GOD, YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING!”

This is true only because of the Father’s love lavished on us (John 3:16). We have worth because God purchased and won us by His blood. We were nothing — God made us something in Christ. He sees us as a precious child for whom He died.

Our value comes from being the objects of God’s love.

Remember, God does not love us because we are valuable; rather we are valuable because God loves us. God’s love is constant, never fluctuating — so is our worth.

Unlike equipment and facilities we do not depreciate in value. Our value does not diminish when we make mistakes. Our value does not diminish when we gain 20 pounds. Our value does not diminish when our boss treats us badly. Our value does not diminish if a best friend rejects us.

This is true because our worth and significance comes from God, not from within ourselves or from anyone else.

We need to see ourselves through God’s eyes

God sees us as His children. God does not want our main image of ourselves to be negative. What does God say about us? How does God see me or you?

Knowing how God judges worth changes our perspective on worth. It starts with the way you judge yourself and measure your own self-esteem.

Do you see yourself as unattractive, ugly? Do you look in the mirror and go, “Blech!”? God says, “Look at my beautiful child, dressed in Christ’s clothes.

Are you not as intelligent as you’d like? Do you feel like a dummy? Ignorant? God says, “Look at my brilliant child, filled with the wisdom and knowledge of Christ!”

Do you believe your personality is dull or boring? God says, “Look at my exciting child, who has the joy of the gospel in their heart!”

Do you feel poor because you have less than someone else? God says, “Look at my wealthy child, possessing all the glorious riches of Christ.”

Are you getting old? Are you conscious of your age? God says, “Look at my vibrant young child, who has brand new life each day in Christ.”

God sees you far differently than you see yourself!

God does not want you to remain in captivity to the lies of Satan.

God desires that you see the freedom and privilege that comes with being a child of God. God says so many things positively about you and me in His word. The question is: Why don’t we believe Him?

Perhaps we have never come to grips with all that being a child of God contains.

A challenge

When the lies about your value and significance come, renounce them with the truth. The truth is that we are children of God and that means that we are valued, loved, cared for and significant!

Let’s never forget the privilege and blessing it is to be a child of God!

feeling worthless

What do you do when you find yourself feeling worthless or insignificant?

***** This post is part 4 of 4 in a series on “Embracing our identity in Christ.”

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  • Yes! He determined and set the value and paid the highest price. He laid down His life for us while we were still dead in our sin. He loves us so much. Thanks Kevin.

  • Yep, those feels are tough to work through. I felt pretty worthless for my last 2 years of high school thanks to a group of girls who chose me to make as their object of hate and ridicule – bullied me mercilessly. On the other hand the experience left me more willing to help others, so if we’re fortunate we manage to see the lessons and opportunities in even the most difficult situations.

  • Gregory Bowen says:

    Hi Kevin……I think every body goes through the whole gamete of feelings ……These things help us develop our character while becoming who we are……I agree with you Kevin……with gods love, Faith, and all our life’s lessons …….There are no boundaries of what we can accomplish….Thank you for bringing this reminder to us all…….Smokey

  • Aayna says:

    Hey Kevin,
    A true post!! There are a number of events where I feel worthless, as if I hold no significance in this world; but at such a time my mother plays a crucial role and aid in alleviating me from those terrible feelings and makes me realize my worth in the life of people who loves me. Thanks for the share.

  • Leticia Richey says:

    Everyone will have this kind of feeling, even I have ups and down’s in my life but whatever the problem will be, I always ask God for strength to face all the challenges that I have been through. And thank God, passed them all. 🙂

  • Fatima says:

    Such an inspiring post, Kevin. Indeed we are worthy and special in one way or the other. No creation of God is worthless and I believe it is indeed a weakness of faith that would bring these thoughts of being worthless etc.

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