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Frank Peretti

A few months ago I was approached to be a part of really cool project – the “Ask Frank” Blog Tour.   From March 26 to April 4, 2012, nine authors, pastors, book reviewers and bloggers will post answers to questions they’ve asked New York Times best-selling author Frank Peretti.

I was first introduced to Frank Peretti’s books when I was a teenager.  I devoured his two books “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness.”  I absolutely loved them!

Needless to say, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Frank.

Interview with Frank Peretti

ME: Which author would you consider a mentor?

FRANK PERETTI: Francis Schaeffer, Ravi Zacharias, and CS Lewis have been strong influences in my intellectual life.

Michael Crichton has been a favorite author of mine because of the way he can put together a technothriller. He’s always been a really great model for structuring a story.

Besides these, I like to read other fiction authors to learn from them, to see how they craft their stories, develop their style, and work with words. You never stop learning, growing, getting better at what you do.

ME: What advice would you give to upcoming writers?

FRANK PERETTI: Know what you’re doing. It’s not enough to want to write a book. You have to devote yourself to learning the writing craft, knowing all the nuts and bolts, rules and fundamentals of good fiction writing. I’ve often heard would-be writers advised to “never give up,” but that’s the worst thing you can tell somebody who has no skill, no knowledge of how it’s to be done. That person can never give up, and consequently waste his/her whole life producing unmarketable material. Know what you’re doing.

ME: It has been seven years since you last wrote a book. What have you been up to during that time?

FRANK PERETTI: First of all, you can attribute two of those years to writing Illusion, so that leaves five years of my doing something else which was tinkering, attempting, hobnobbing, learning, and venturing into motion pictures. Sometimes the leading of the Lord is hard to figure. With all my heart I believed He wanted me to go in that direction and so I did, learning all I could learn about directing and acting. I took classes and workshops, read tons of books, got to know people in the movie business, wrote screenplays, talked deals, developed some video projects just for the experience. I did everything my hands and mind could find to do and after five years came away satisfied that I had failed. That doesn’t mean I’m no smarter. Overall, I’ve had quite an education not only in how movies are made but in how the business works, and of course I’ve had a very illuminating glimpse into the heart of man. Suffice it to say, I’m back to doing what I know I can really do, and that is write novels.

ME: What kind of research did you do for Illusion?

FRANK PERETTI: That was a lot of fun. Because Dane and Mandy are stage magicians, I had to find out all I could find out about the magic business, performance, stagecraft, and of course lots of magic illusions. Tony Brent, a comedy magician who works at Wonderworks in Orlando, Florida, became a friend and mentor. He let us watch his show several times and explained to us everything he was doing. He spent the day with Barbara and me, answering all our questions and telling us what the life of a stage magician is like. He recommended classic books on magic and lots of other resources, including plenty of really great sites on the Internet where I could learn about the magic business and buy books and videos. I also subscribed to Magic Magazine for 2 years. That magazine is full of secrets and advice for magicians, a remarkable resource. I even learned how to do a few magic tricks, but of course that skill has quickly faded because to be a magician takes devoted practice.

ME: What is the main idea you want people to take home after they read Illusion?

FRANK PERETTI: I guess you’re asking me, what is the story’s central theme? I would call this story a celebration, a depiction of love, marriage, honor, and commitment such as God purposed them to be, and on a deeper level, a parable about Christ’s love for his bride and how his bride longs to be with Him in intimate relationship.

And guys, this is not a “chick” book. It’s a story for everybody. We could use a few more Mandys with tenacious devotion to their man and a few more Danes who give themselves for their woman as Christ gave Himself for His church.

Book Giveaway

On March 6th, Frank Peretti released his newest book “Illusion.”  Thanks to C. Grant and Company I am able to give away a copy of the book to two lucky readers.

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Have you read any of Frank Peretti’s books? If so, which one(s)?

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  • Marty Love says:

    I’ve read all of Frank’s fiction and am really looking forward to reading Illusion. This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness are on a short list of books that I’ve read multiple times.

  • Chris St John says:

    I like Peretti’s books, but I have to disagree with him on the second comment. Some of the best fiction books I have read have not been the best written, but best for content. I suppose it’s a matter of opinion… Some love skill over content, others of us will take content over skill anytime. Looking forward to reading this one!

  • Gail says:

    I haven’t really read any books of Frank Peretti but he’s quite familiar because of my sister’s collection of books. It was such a nice interview and I love how he said that in being a good writer it is better to “Know what you are doing.” For me, those are very strong words. Nice!

  • Joseph M. Sharpless says:

    I really like this post,More information yet to come! And God Blessed.

  • ShirleyFai says:

    Hi Kevin…Frank Peretti is one of the best authors I know and I must admit that I really want to win this giveaway of yours…I am very eager to win…

  • Joel says:

    I have read all of Frank’s books, starting with his kids books when I was younger and they are fantastic. I have to say I think my absolute favorite is still ‘The Oath.’ I love to go back and read that a few times a year.

  • I read 5 or 6 of the books, plus a couple of the kids ones, and his personal one, Wounded Spirit. Have had a lot of respect for him. Got side-tracked, but actually would love to re-read the first 2. So realistic, the way I view spirituality. One issue: when we were in Uganda in ’94, at a Baptist missions university office, a college student was reading This Present Darkness and the Baptist missionary walked past and saw the book and said, basically, “You can read the book, but remember it is fiction, it is not true.” Heavy sigh. Because it WAS/IS true is so many ways.

    Good writer and good God-focused man.

    You were one blessed cookie!

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