Friday Top Five (share your favourites with us!)

Here are my five favourite posts from this past week. I would love to read yours! Write about your favourite posts on your blog and then link below. I look forward to reading what has been impacting you this past week!

1. #470. The American Idol like sermon audition pastoral candidates have to do.
Blog: Stuff Christians Like

As a pastor, I found this to be an incredibly hilarious post.

2. Life in the Fishbowl
Blog: : swerve

A post about how people’s expectations of their pastor change.

3. Secret Christians
Bog: Rediscovering the Church

Is being a child of God your deep, dark secret that you are keeping from everyone?

4. Active trust
Author: Steven Furtick
Blog: Pastor Steven Furtick

What is active trust?

5. Dangerous Questions (1)
Blog: Carey Nieuwhof

What if you viewed all you had (your time, energy and resources) as things entrusted to you by God for which you had to give an account?

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  • Peter P says:

    Great Friday Five Kevin.

    Thanks for the link, I very much appreciate it and the encouragment that you are.

    God bless.

  • Kevin says:

    Hey Peter! I put the wrong Mister Linky up so you will have to re-add your link! Sorry!

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