Hotel Transylvania is a good time for the entire family #GIVEAWAY

Hotel Transylvania is a good time for the entire family

Hotel Transylvania hit theaters this past weekend and was the number one movie! The cast includes stars like: Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James and many others.

Here is a review of the movie from Focus on the Families site Plugged In:

Vampires, zombies and werewolves may be thought of as scary and horrible things. But if you asked Count Dracula he’d tell you that those poor monsters are nothing but peace-loving unfortunates who’ve been unfairly labeled. He’d readily explain that they’re victims of a whole lot of bad press and paranoia. If anything, they’re much more afraid of humans than humans are of them.

After all, you won’t find monsters storming around in the open, armed with pitchforks and torches, on the hunt for humans.

Anyway, Count’s story starts about 115 years ago, right after his wife’s untimely demise at the hands of a screaming, angry mob. (See. He knows what he’s talking about.) Besides being overcome with grief, Dracula realized he was left with sole parenting responsibilities for his beloved daughter Mavis. Call him overprotective, but stealing her away to be raised in a hidden sanctuary seemed the only safe thing to do.

It was just about then, though, that an idea hit him: Why not turn his reclusive castle into a hotel? He knew plenty of other ghastlies and ghouls who would relish a place to vacation, safely hidden away from hateful humans. He could create a swanky little place with all the latest amenities, like a croc-filled moat, a posh cobweb motif, king-sized beds of nails, the whole shebang. It was a brilliant idea.

Of course, little vampires don’t wear their training fangs forever. And though their hotel hideout is cool, by her 118th birthday, well, Mavis is getting a little antsy. She’s a grown woman now, ready to spread her wings … literally. And Daddy Dracula isn’t sure how to keep her from it. The world is such a dangerous place. Is there a way to convince her to stay away from those horrible humans for at least a few more years? A hundred or so ought to do it.

But right in the middle of Count Dracula’s daughter-saving schemes, the worst thing he could imagine happens: A lost human backpacker stumbles into the hotel lobby. What a disaster! If the other monsters find out, it could lead to a creature calamity! A Frankenstein freak-out! A boogeyman ballyhoo!

Gasp. And what if Mavis sees him?

[You can read the rest of the review here]

Hotel Transylvania giveaway

Thanks to the good folks at Grace Hill Media I have a few Hotel Transylvania prize packs to give away to some lucky readers.

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