In order to win at life we must have direction

In order to win at life we must have direction

One of my favourite TV shows is ” The Amazing Race.”  “The Amazing Race” is a reality show in which teams of two travel all around the world.

There are several legs to the journey. During each leg of the journey, the teams are presented with unique challenges they must overcome in order not to be the last team to reach their destination and face elimination from the competition.

The journey is exciting and it is difficult. The goal of each team is to be around for the last leg of the journey in which the winning team takes home $1,000,000!

A lesson learned from “The Amazing Race”

I learned something important from watching one of the seasons of this show. I can’t remember which season it was but during the final leg of the race one couple had a large lead.

This couple had the $1,000,000 within their grasp.  All they had to do was cross the finish line.

Then guess what happened?

They got lost.

This couple could not find the finish line and they ending up losing.

How frustrating would it be to so far ahead with the prize within reach only to lose because you did not know where the finish line was?

Many people are running the race of life with no idea where there are going.

In order to win at life we must have direction! 

We must have a goal. We must have a focus.  We must have purpose.  We must know where we are going.

Unfortunately many people have never really clarified where they’re headed in life. They’re just kind of drifting aimlessly all around.  They are just “playing around”.  They never get serious about anything and they end up living mediocre lives.


If you want your life to count you’ve got to settle your direction.  You’ve got to know exactly what you want in life.

Here’s an important principle to remember: If you don’t decide what’s really important in your life other people will be glad to do it for you.

Have you discovered that?

I have!

You will go through life guided either by priorities or by pressures. If you don’t determine what direction you’re headed for other people will do it for you.

If you want to make your life count, if you want to really succeed where it matters most you must answer this question: “What is the focus of my life?”

What are you focusing on right now?

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