Life is risky

life is risky

Whether we like it or not or accept it or not, life is risky.  We can’t avoid risk.  It is all around us. Getting into your car to drive to work is a risk. Walking down the street is a risk. Entering into a building is a risk. Eating at a fast food restaurant is a risk (and yet for some unknown reason I continue to do so:)).

Life is risky. There are many uncertainties. The truth is: Living a safe and predictable life is a fallacy!

To risk or not to risk?

I have struggled with the question of “to risk or not to risk?” throughout my entire life. My tendency has been to play it safe. My tendency has been to avoid risk.

I don’t think I am alone in this. I believe we live in a world that is programmed to avoid risk. Of course this is not always a bad thing. There are some risks that should be avoided but there are some risks that should not be avoided or can not be avoided!

Like the risk of avoiding a challenge and missing out on developing a new skill.

Like the risk of never making mistakes that can turn into lessons learnt.

Like the risk of not starting, experimenting and trying to see what’s actually possible.

Like the risk of one day having regret about all the things you never did (whilst you had to the opportunity to do them).

life is risky

It takes courage to risk

It takes courage to risk and, consciously or not, most people make choices that allow them to stay well within their comfort zone. They hesitate to take action until things feel “right,” or there is some guarantee of an acceptable (safe) outcome.

No question … to risk means taking the chance that we may end up appearing foolish or vulnerable, and yes, maybe even fail or experience the pain of a broken heart. But avoiding risk means missing out on the thrill of feeling fully alive and becoming all that we are meant to be. The truth is there is just so much more to life than most people are living.

life is risky

If you had the chance to remove all risks from your life, would you take that opportunity?

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