Love is a commitment


When you marry another person, you make a vow to love and cherish your spouse through thick and thin, as long as you both shall live. But what if that commitment is tested by serious illness or financial difficulty?

Would you stay together?

Are there limits on how far love can go?

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter never expected their commitment to each other to be tested so early, when 2 months after their wedding, a car accident left Krickitt with a traumatic head injury and in a coma.

When she awoke several weeks later, her rehabilitation began, but Krickitt had no memory of her husband. The previous 18 months when they had met, fallen in love, and been married were completely erased. Kim and Krickitt had to start all over again with the stress of physical rehabilitation, mounting medical bills and amnesia against them.

Love is a commitment

Against enormous odds they stuck together.

They fell in love again.

And they kept the marriage vows they had made to each other.

A book has been written and a movie has been made  about their incredible story of love and commitment.

Interview with Kim and Krickitt Carpenter

Last week, thanks to Grace Hill Media, I had the opportunity to interview the Carpenter’s about their story.  I want to share a bit from that interview in this post.

What I wanted to know most from the Carpenter’s was what message they wanted people to hear as they heard their story.  Here was their response:

The hope that we have is that it is really able to teach people both married or not the blessing of doing what you saying you are going to do.

That is such an important message to be spread because we don’t hear it that often.  We need more people to be spreading this important message.

When we hear a story like this it can be tempting to put the Carpenter’s up on a pedestal.  In reality they are just like anyone else and they want people to know that.

We’re a typical American family that has struggles and we go through these challenges … In many respects the world, and the media for that matter, has tried to make us out be some extraordinary couple – that is one of a kind – when in fact  that really is not the case.  We would like to think that we are as normal as any solid next door neighbour.  We argue.,  We fuss and fight. We have all the challenges  just as anybody else.  We are no different than the rest in that aspect.

They elaborated more on the message they want to be heard.

If this story can inspire a relationship to be re-invigorated or this story can defy the pursuit of divorce or this story can provide a message to somebody who may not be married who is planning to or even to a kid, a young kid, to learn what it’s like to do the right thing then obviously that’s what we feel is the most valuable part and aspect to why we have this movie [and book] to begin with.

It’s just such a blessing to have this platform and to deliver this kind of message that we have … It’s more of a message of inspiring lives to know that if we have challenges such as this that are going to help people … that in itself is a real joy for us.

Then they shared a recent incident where their story is making a difference:

Just last night one of our security team members came up to me … he was very emotional and he said: “Mr Carpenter. I saw the movie earlier today and I want you to know that I am going to go back home and I am  going to work it out with my wife.  We are not doing well.  We are going to make it work. If you guys can do this and you’ve inspired people to learn how to do it .. I want it to work between my wife and I.”  You know, that in a sense, is a real attention getter for us because that’s truly what our message that we hope gets delivered.

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with the Carpenter’s.  I was impressed by their humbleness and their passion for spreading the message that love is a commitment!

Have you seen the movie “The Vow” or read the book? 

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  • Tisha says:

    This quote is really cute..thanks for sharing this to us..

  • Mika Castro says:

    I also believe in love and marriage. Lifetime commitments is very hard but at the same time enjoying. I love your quotation Kevin!

  • Melvyn says:

    I read their story on Reader’s Digest a few years back. I cried when I finished the article.

  • Julie says:

    Lifetime commitments are the most wonderful thing that could happen to a human. This kind of true feelings are always based on unconditional love, which can last really for a lifetime. I’m glad to feel the same:) Thanks for this beautiful post!

  • Nathalie Villeneuve says:

    I didn’t see the movie or read the book but it looks like a beautiful life lesson. I would love to add this book to the list of recommended books on my facebook group…Thanks for this beautiful post <3

  • This is a great life lesson, and if one is lucky enough to have a person to share time with the effort must be made to make it work despite the differences.

  • So good and true. When my divorce occurred back in ’84, I was so heartbroken, b/c the vows were “gone.” In fact, for the first several years after my re-marriage, I still suffered guilt [even though the divorce wasn’t my fault]. My dear husband just loved on me and encouraged me. Eventually, I let the guilt go away. [One issue was that churches we attended refused to allow us to be members, etc., b/c I was a divorced woman. My husband had never been married and b/c he married a divorced woman, he was also rejected. I felt terrible about that, but he always said the Lord had given me to him and that’s all that counted. We are truly committed to each other, no matter what the issues. We both know a whole lot of what family has gone through and what our culture has pushed… and no matter what has crossed our paths in the past 26 years, we’ve never thought of separation. It’s all together or nothing. And don’t agree with “nothing.” What a blessing that you were able to have such a interview. That is a true God-gift.

    • Thanks for sharing part of your story Joanne! It sounds like you and your husband have a pretty special relationship. 🙂

      • Thanks for putting up with me. You happen to hit my heart-buttons sometimes and I just pour out. [And we DO have a God-blessed friendship. Couldn’t imagine it w/o Him being the giver and coordinator. OH, and we do attend an anti-divorce church now, but they love my husband so much they haven’t turned us aside in any fashion. He couldn’t be an elder, but that pleases him and he’s so glad that I’m an excuse. He works at church all the time, and is on counsels, but doesn’t want to be in that next upper position, so I’m glad I was a “helper” in this way. ;)]

  • Fatima Hipolito says:

    With this lesson you share something really important to our life.. and to be honest I learned something that I must to know..

  • Steve-Personal Success Factors says:

    Hi, Kevin. I appreciate the message and example of this couple. Humanly speaking, I don’t think it’s possible to be committed to the level that we need to be in order to make marriage truly work. But thank you, Lord, for your Spirit, which makes it possible to love my wife the way I need to: for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

    • I agree with you Steve that humanly speaking it is not possible to stay 100% committed . It is only through the empowering of the Holy Spirit that we can love unconditionally!

      Thanks for sharing Steve!

  • Ms.Amber says:

    i simply LOVE this post! ^_^

  • peter says:

    wish that my ex watch this movie, she used to say my love to you is un-conditional, and commitment for life…
    it’s not just love between us, at the first place it was very strong friendship…
    but when i proposed to her, she refused because she will spend an extra one hour daily in the road to reach her work place… she killed our four years together, and still telling me that she loves me…

  • ..can i use your saying about LOVE IS A COMMITMENT…
    ..i,m writting a story …and i want to use it…can i\?…i will acknowledge you to my work..

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