2 results of living a marginless life

marginless life

Many people are living a marginless life.  They are running from one activity to another and they are wondering why they are always tired and stressed out. It’s insane! It’s killing marriages and families and people are hurting.

2 results of living a marginless life

1. When margin decreases your stress increases.

When you’re running late and your margin decreases, what happens? Your stress increases.  Same is true financially. If your financial margin decreases, what happens in your marriage? You start fighting. “Oh, you spent what? On what?”

With no margin financially when something breaks, you’ve got two problems; one is that something is broken and the other is, how are we going to pay for it? Your financial margin decreases, your stress increases.

2. When margin decreases your relational intimacy decreases.

You see it all of the time. Those of you that are busy, you are frustrated and you are challenged. Your mind rarely disengages from the things that you think are important. You can be with somebody you love but you are not with them. You are present but you are not all present. Your mind is still running. You can go on vacation but you are never really there, you are always still connected to work, something is still going on.

marginless life

What other results can you think of for living a marginless life?

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