The power of community


There is power in community.  When people choose to come together and unite themselves with others toward a common goal there is something special that happens.  I have seen it over and over again.

This weekend I experienced the power of community once again in two different situations.

1. Church building project.

The church family that I get the privilege of being the pastor of is building a new facility.   This is a huge undertaking for us as we are not a large church family by any standards (about 50 people).

It has been an incredible blessing to see how our church family has come together in the building process so far.  Even though people have full-time jobs and busy schedules they have been willing to give of their time to work on the project.

This past weekend was one example of this.

Even though it was windy, snowing and even hailing at times we spent Saturday working together on the new building.  It was awesome watching everyone get involved from kids to adults!  Everyone had a part to play and a lot of work got done.

We also recognize that we can’t do this project alone.  We need others to come alongside us and help us!  It has been such incredible blessing to see the support that we have received from other church families so far.

If you would like to partner with us on this project please let me know!

2. The Big Community Event

Arlene Dickinson

I love the community that I live in.  It is such a wonderful place to live and to raise our family.

Unfortunately, like many other small resource based communities across Canada our town has been suffering economically.  There have been many lay-offs and business shutting their doors.

A small ray of hope was given to our community recently when Canadian marketing professional Arlene Dickinson took an interest in one of our local companies, Hardy Buoys, as part of her new show on CBC called “The Big Decision“.

Hardy Buoys wanted to show Canada (and Arlene of course) that the North Island is a great place to work and play so they hosted a fantastic community event yesterday.

This was a massive undertaking for a small business like Hardy Buoys but they pulled it off and the event was a great success!

It was awesome to see how our community came together to make this event happen!

We are trusting that Arlene saw the power of our community as we came together yesterday and she will make the decision to invest in Hardy Buoys and Port Hardy.

How have you experienced the power of community recently?

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