The power of one

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The Power of One

What is the real power of one person?

Most of us from time to time have wondered if we really make a difference in this world. We wonder how we could since we are only one person. How significant could one person actually be.

The Power of a Lie

This is one of the greatest weapons in our enemies arsenal. Satan uses the false accusation that we are only one person and insignificant to debilitate our service for the kingdom. He tells us that we shouldn’t even bother sharing our story because we are too small and insignificant to matter.

You do matter. Every soldier of Christ is valuable and useful to His army.

I want to share with you just how much of a lie this is. Follow along with me as I illustrate the power of one for you today.

The Power of You

In our example, you share your faith and gospel message with one person per week. I know at first glance that seems small and insignificant to you. We come in contact with many more people than that every day of every week. I think this is a small enough number to be very practical for you and me.

If you continue this practice for a year, you will have shared the message of God with 52 souls at the end of one year. You will have spread the message of Christ to 520 at 10 years and 1560 after 30 years. This is all from you sharing the message of God with one person per week consistently.

This number still seems somewhat small. The enemy may still whisper that many others reach that in one sermon or crusade. Why should measly little you even bother? Because that number is only part of the story!

The Power Multiplied

The rest of the story employs the wonderful art of exponential growth. Allow me to explain how this works. Very seldom will you share the gospel without any harvest. Here again is the power of one illustrated.

Suppose you have one soul each year as a harvest. That is a minuscule 2% return. Again, this is a very practical expectation.

In the second year, you would then both be sharing with one soul every week. Instead of 52 souls exposed to the gospel, you have now influenced 104 ( 52 x 2) as a result of your witnessing.

The third year would now see four individuals working for the kingdom ( you, your original convert, and each of your subsequent converts) and sharing the gospel. All of these souls reached are a direct result of your decision to share the message of God.

At the end of thirty years, you will have reached 1,073,741,874 souls for Christ. That is right, over 1 TRILLION souls!

You have the power to influence that many people in your lifetime and more.

The question is, are you going to step out in faith and believe what God can do through you? How many more could be reached if these meager numbers are increased?


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