Renewal begins in the mind

4 years ago I began a journey of renewal in my life.  This process of renewal had to start in my mind because what I believed was affecting how I lived.

I believed the lie  “I am what I do” so I tried to find my worth and value in my job as a pastor.

I believed the lie “I’m not good enough” so I found it difficult to accept God’s unconditional love for me.

I believed the lie “This is just the way I am” so I thought it was futile to try to change.

I believed the lie “I have to be strong” so I worked hard at putting on a strong face even when I was bleeding inside.

I was living my life like these lies were true and it led to a lot of hurt and dysfunction.  So much so that I was forced to take a 3 month medical leave.

It was during my medical leave that I learned that I needed to renew my mind by taking captive every thought and making it obedient to Christ.

I began to learn to recognize the lies.

I began to learn to recognize and embrace the truth.

I began to learn to act on the truth and not the lie.

I wish I could say that I don’t believe the lies anymore but I can’t.  The big difference now is I can recognize the lies.  The tough part is choosing whether I am going to believe and act on the lie or am I going to embrace the truth and act on it.

What lies have you believed and how have they affected you?

***** This post is part of the blog carnival on “Renewal” that is happening over at Peter Pollock’s blog.  Go and check out the rest of the posts!


  • The power of lies cannot be underesimated. Words carry great power. They are the weapon of the enemy and the Sword of the Spirit. With words God created life and with words we destroy life.

    Yes, I’ve swallowed lies and had my life poisoned by them. Lies continue to surround me. I need God’s Truth to overcome them, so I must remain immersed in His Word.

  • jasonS says:

    Such a valuable point: we don’t have to beat ourselves up that we still hear the lies–when we learn to recognize them we can deal with them. I’ve believed so many lies in my life and still struggle with many. One by one, God deals with them and as I walk with Him, I am renewed over and over. He is so good!

    Thanks Kevin.

    • That’s right, it is important to note that we don’t have to beat ourselves up because we hear lies (this is another lie that I have believed:)

      Thanks for sharing Jason!

  • Dusty Rayburn says:

    I am destined to make to suffer the same mistakes as my father.

    Made me terrified of marriage and parenthood.

    I got over it though. 🙂

  • Good post!
    So much truth in it … I like the last paragraph where you show the struggle renewal can be … even though you know what the lies are, they don’t automatically disappear … you have to make a choice, again and again …

  • revtrev says:

    Pastor Kevin. Once more I’m so thankful for bloggers who hear and share what God’s saying to them. I’m almost done the climb…which means it seems like everything is against me. It’s so easy to blame others instead of to trust God. I know I need to hear His words for me today.

    Thanks for being part of those words.

  • Hazel Moon says:

    I like your statement: “I wish I could say that I don’t believe the lies anymore but I can’t. The big difference now is I can recognize the lies.” Recognizing truth helps faze out the fiction and error. Renewal does start in the mind, and when we can allow his truth to be in front, then it will overshadow the lies.

    Our strength is In Him. We try to take the wheel and say please let me drive, but God is in the Drivers Seat and will not relinquish his position.

  • Atmaja says:

    There is no end to the lies we are told and the enormous number of ideas we have been conditioned to believe. Even the very best televangelists have beliefs they have never thought to question or ask God about so none of us should feel guilty when we have not realized what it widely believed is false.

    Question everything; ask God for confirmation on every decision that could have life-changing consequences. Remember that as long as we have surrendered to God’s will and are doing our best we are unconditionally loved and forgiven.

  • Mari-Anna says:

    So important to recognize lies to be lies. Then we can bring them to the Lord and ask for help to deal with them. We are powerless alone but with Christ anything is possible.
    Such an important post. Thank you. God bless you!

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  • Kevin, it great to hear a pastor getting to the root of renewing of the mind. Living in this world (Kosmos) we come to believe so many things that don’t line of with the word. Like you I have been on a renewing of the mind journey, as the result of my pastor preaching on holiness. When I began to examine what I believed it was clear that many things were not holy but worldly. I have found 1 John 1:9 to be very helpful in clearing these beliefs. If they don’t line of the word they are sin and should be confessed.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  • andrew says:

    i need the very best renewing the mind c.d.’s fundalmental biblical i’m not charsmatic.thks. andrew

  • Quiescentmind says:

    It’s a trip how the enemy can let us believe things that are not true. That’s why it’s important to know the word of God and speak them over our lives.

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