The touch of God

touch of God

In October of 1997, the New Yorker magazine celebrated the beauty of autumn with an unusual illustration on the cover. In animated style, the graphic artist pictured a grandfather-like Creator reaching down and touching the trees with his finger.

As the leaves respond to his touch, they turn beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. In the background, the artist has painted a host of cherubs focusing their 35mm cameras on the site below, determined to capture the wonder of God’s creative touch on film.

touch of God

[image from Chris Beetles Gallery]

The touch of God is evident in all of life

What an imaginative way to portray who really is responsible for the beauty of creation we enjoy this time of year. It is the touch of God that transforms a group of trees into a forest of unforgettable colours. But the touch of God is not only evident in the awesome majesty of His creation. It is evident in all of life.

It is the touch of God that results in bodies that function normally.

Our ability to taste food cannot be attributed to a random act of nature. It is the touch of God.

The amazing process by which the food we taste and swallow is digested and broken down into chemicals and nutrients our bodies can absorb in order to carry out the functions our brains dictate is nothing less than the touch of God.

Our adequate shelter may not be the dream house we’ve always longed for, but it’s evidence of God’s involvement in our lives.

Our meaningful employment likewise has passed through the purposeful hands of a loving God before being offered to us.

The privilege we have to live in a peaceful nation where worship is freely permitted is not a lucky break. It is tied to the touch of a sovereign God whose palms (according to Isaiah 49:16) have been engraved/tattooed with our very names.

It wasn’t that long ago that we came through the Thanksgiving season. While gathering with family and loved ones, hopefully we took the time to identify the fingerprints of the Father’s life-giving touch over the past year.

touch of God

How have you experienced the touch of God in your life?

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