We can trust God

trust God

I think one thing that stops many people from giving their lives to Christ is fear. They are afraid that they cannot trust God to do what He says He will do.

If people knew for sure with 100% certainty that God would do what He said He would do for them, there would be very few people who would turn Him down.

God keeps His promises

God has to be faithful and trustworthy or else what would we base Him keeping His promises?

I think a lot of people are cynical about politics because for too many years, politicians have promised everything to everyone and have delivered nothing.

God keeps His promises.  Everything God says is certain and we can trust that every trial we go through has a purpose. These are just some of the reasons we can trust God.

Who are you more apt to trust: someone with a proven track record or someone full of empty promises?

In this world of ceaseless change, confusion, uncertainty and insecurity, we can put our trust in God because He is the only one who is always faithful!

We can trust God

Being faithful means being trustworthy. We can trust God.  He has a track record that we can follow. He has always been and will always be faithful. We can count on God doing what He says He will do.

One day a pastor visited a farmer who was a member of his congregation. As the pastor climbed out of his car he noticed a windmill on the barn which carried an inscription. Squinting his eyes, the pastor could just make out the words: GOD IS FAITHFUL.

“Do you mean,” asked the pastor, “that God’s faithfulness depends on the direction the wind is blowing?” ”

No!” said the farmer. “The words mean that, regardless of which way the wind blows, God is faithful.”

We are never cut off from God’s faithfulness. He is true to His character. He is reliable and trustworthy and can be counted on always. He says what He means and means what He says ­ and therefore does everything He says He will do.

Do you really trust God?

It’s one thing to say “I trust God” when the sun is shining and all the bills are paid. It’s something else to trust God when the dark clouds settle round us and the bill collectors are at the door.

If you are struggling to trust God today I want to encourage you to believe – to take God at His word – to trust His promises – to trust Him!!

If your faith is weak and your hold on God fragile then stop holding on to Him as though it all depends on you!

Trust God – entrust yourself to Him (believe) and you will find your weak grasp of Him is replaced by His strong grasp of you.

trust God

What helps you trust God?

***** This is part 3 of 3 in a series on God’s faithfulness.

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