What’s the worst job you have ever had?

It has been a while since I have done a “getting to know my readers” post so I figured I was due up for one.  These posts are a fun way to get to know all of you better!  In this post, let’s share about the worst jobs we’ve ever had.

The worst job I’ve ever had.

It was 1996, I had just finished bible school and I landed my first pastoral position as a 1/3 time Youth pastor (you know the deal, 1/3 pay for full-time work 🙂 ).  We couldn’t live on the money that I was making at the church so I had to find another job.  The problem was that it was a small rural community with very few job opportunities.

The first place I looked was at gas stations because I had some experience working at them during my college years.  I ended up landing a job at 7-11 (which on the surface seems cool and all but it wasn’t).  The only shift that was available was the graveyard shift (12-8 am).  I had no choice but to take it.

What made it the worst job was both the work (cleaning disgusting bathrooms, garbage, cleaning up puke, etc.) and the nightly crowd that visited me.  Every night when the bar closed I was inundated with every drunk in town because we were the only 24 hour service station around.

I was repeatedly threatened, cursed at and harassed.  On top of that, I had a knife pulled on me at one point and a guy trashed the store because I threw him out for stealing!  I used to hate going to work every night!  It was fun times. NOT! 🙂

Now it’s your turn!   

What’s the worst job you have ever had?


  • Steve Borgman says:

    My worst job was pulling weeds by hand in northern Brazil. We did not have any lawnmowers available, but I was excited to have a ‘job’. It was all great, until I came across a dog’s rotting carcass! That, plus the 95 to 100 degree heat and humid weather combined to make it my worst job ever.

  • Brian Lagoni says:

    I think that my worst job ever was being a field sales representative. I only had the job for a day because I can’t take being outside under the sun in remote places and going from house to house to sell products like soap, lotion etc. It was so embarrassing too because they required us to be in formal attire!

  • Felicia says:

    My worst job ever was when I tried to babysit for other people aside from my sister’s kids. I accepted a babysitting job for 2 weeks during summer break. What the lady didn’t tell me was that her kids were as bad as rotten apples! The moment the parents left the house to me, the kids started behaving like crazy. They broke everything they can break, screamed and ran, and the one thing I didn’t like the most was when they “played” with their dog – the dog was getting tortured instead of getting affection.
    I am normally patient with kids but they were so different! I sent them to their rooms (of course, it was very difficult) while I cleaned the house and tended to the dog’s wounds.
    When the mom came back, the children acted all innocent and said I was bad to lock them in their room, but in truth, I actually didn’t lock their room. Of course, the mom was angry.
    I said to her, “I love children, but yours are an exception.” She was surprised and couldn’t speak. “Also, give your dog to someone else who would appreciate taking real good care of it. Just look at your dog, its wounds are proof enough that your kids aren’t as angels as you thought them to be”.
    After that, I went out of her house and didn’t even ask to be paid for my services.

  • Laura says:

    Every day I went home feeling dirty and smelling like fry grease. Thanks goodness I never had to clean restrooms. I don’t envy the people with that job either.

  • Michael Snow says:

    My worst job was with the National Park Service…but only when pumping pit toilets. Sometimes I would get sent along with the pumper man with a water tank on my truck to dilute and make it more ‘pumbable.’ Bad thing was that unwitting tourists sometimes threw their pop cans down the hole…a real no, no [they couldn’t read our signs].

    A can fits perfectly inside the pumper hose. ‘PT'(pit toilet) Jim would take a sledge hammer and pound on the hose to compress it…resulting in unseen little cracks. When that hose was hooked up directly to the valve on the pumper truck, the hydraulic back lash when switching off the valve quickly [to avoid sucking in another can] resulted in Bud getting a shot of 100 proof in his full bearded face. As he marched off to the lake he shouted, “Snow go get a rag and come wash me off, I’m gonna be sick!
    Well, my laughter was short lived. It happened to me after lunch.

  • Michael says:

    I worked as an orderly in the psych ward of the county nursing home. The last call ward, in the last call facility.

    It was my job to wrap up and bring the bodies of the people who died during my shift down to the morgue. The cart to put the bodies on was supposed to look like a linen delivery cart, but they kept it in the walkin refrigerator where the bodies waited for the hearse.

    So when you were rolling the cart around, it gave off cold air breezes and dripped condensation. And didn’t fool anyone that it wasn’t the morgue cart.

    That one was pretty bad. 🙁

  • Tom says:

    I worked at a trailer park for several years, and every Tuesday and Wednsday I drove the HONEY WAGON! Servicing several hundred customers! I have many gross memories, some of those memories required a shower!

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